Here she was, again; she was back in her world.
The cool embrace of the world was enveloping her. The soft hum pressing down on every inch of her body as she lay down.

Then the clicking started. It pierced the comforting hum of the world, and it was excruciating– a rapid mechanical repetition. Fear gripped her mind, and she felt vulnerable. She tried to move, but she couldn’t. She wanted so desperately for the clicking to go away; for the hum to get rid of it. Where did it come from? This was her world. The clicking wasn’t welcome here.

The clicking faded; a louder tapping—another new sound, emerging and fading with it. She was so happy—her new friend, the tapping, had saved her. She tried to smile, but she couldn’t today, for some reason. She wanted to focus on the good sounds, now, like she usually did.

She calmed herself, and listened.

There was the hum—the loving hum of the world. It pressed down on her, gently embracing her and consoling her. Then, there was the ticking, and the buzzing, and the snapping. These you could only hear when you were calm. These, she thought, must be watching over her. They were off in the distant world. The ticking was high up, in the heavens. It seemed to come from a forty-five degree angle, to her left. Hello! She thought, happily. She wanted to smile, again, but she couldn’t. Then there was the buzzing. The buzzing came from directly behind her—above her when she was on her back like this. The snap followed each buzz. It didn’t follow a pattern or tempo, she had learned. Hello! She thought again, trying to smile again, to no avail.

Suddenly, there was a new sound! The tapping had returned, but it was very soft. She was happy to have a new friend, and welcomed the tapping, who had saved her from the horrible click. She thought positively, trying to welcome her new friend as best she could. It grew louder, but slowly. Come here… she thought. It was a staggered tapping, she noticed, with a subtle echo on the end of the tap. It got louder, but there was something else with it.

No, no, no! She thought as she tried desperately to move—to get away from the clicking. The tapping had brought it back! Fear gripped her like a vice and her breaths came in heavy bursts as her face contorted slightly from the strain. Leave me alone! Her thoughts screamed. The world turned from cool to warm as she struggled beneath the hum. The clicking violated the ticking—they didn’t synchronize at all, and the buzzing seemed different, now that the clicking was here. The buzzing was faster—the snaps more rapid. Everything was wrong! She struggled with all her strength and managed to move her right arm slightly, her hand clenching into a fist. She tried to open her eyes, but she knew she couldn’t. She never could. She tried to cry out, but when her mouth finally opened, the hot world filled it in, and she was drowning. The clicking was digging into her mind, and ruining her world, which now started to fade and muffle. All the sounds got softer for a moment, and the tapping turned into a dull hammering, and then blackness enveloped her as consciousness slipped away.