‘Without a Shadow’ is the story of a woman born into a world not her own. Fate has decided her path as a revolutionary–a beacon of light to an oppressed people, and a flaming spear to be thrust upon their master, Dion Ryder–known only as ‘Dio’ to those below.

But those subjugated do not always realize their plight. For the tyrant does not always rule with an iron fist… some rule by friendship and trust, and wear the guise of heroes.

The chains that grip the people of Helios–the chains of Dionysoft’s social network, “Elysium”, are completely optional. The people of Helios–Dion’s loyal customers, are safe within their gilded cage, and live their lives unaware of the true cost of their luxury and convenience…

That is, until Dion’s former partner, Dr. Tobias Caucas, left in the dust by Dion during his rise to power, sets about to create a hero. To give one last chance at freedom to his people, and his home. A hero that would be able to stand up to Dion. A hero that would be invisible to Elysium, and immune to Dionysoft’s influence. A hero that would at once be inhuman and more human than the chained thralls all around him.

A hero named Hope.