What is truly real?

Shall we define reality as what can be sensed, thought and felt, or do we live in a world of concepts–a world where ideas and imagination are more “real” than the physicality of the world around us? Certainly, the struggle of perceived reality is a fascinating debate that has spanned human history, and it’s one that drove me to begin work on what I’m calling “Green”.

‘Green’ is a tale of a young man struggling to come to terms with a shifting reality. Luke wakes up in a hospital bed with little memory of events transpired. He has been told that he was found bruised and unconscious on the side of the nearby highway in the wee hours of the morning, seeming to have crawled out of the woods, his clothes stained with foreign blood–the blood of Emily, his girlfriend and true love, whom he had been with the previous night. As he works through his scattered memories, he recalls one thing clearly. The Green Man–a malevolent supernatural being whom Luke believes has taken and imprisoned Emily.

The story begins after the encounter with the Green Man, as Luke recounts his tale to his psychiatrist–Dr. Nicole Shields, who was hired as part of the investigation of the missing girl, Emily Byers.